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Reflections on Teaching with Technology – Part I: Bridging the Digital Divide

The Educational Landscape is Changing

Before I get started with this post, let me apology for falling behind on my posting. Things have been a little hectic after spring break. It shan’t be repeated! Now, on to the post.

It is my goal to generate several posts that will function as a meditation towards the development of a theory and practice of teaching with technology. One might wonder why I would assume that I am in a position to pen such a manifesto. My answer to that would two points; I have immersed myself, the courses that I teach, and the students that I work with in what could be called a digitally driven framework, and, ultimately, technology as it applies to education is (and should recognized as) a continuing work in progress.

These two points are contingent upon each other. The best way to explore how technology can be utilized within an educational space is to approach it as an experiment. Some approaches will work, while others will not. The duality of technology can, and should be exciting and potentially frightening, as there are no text books on how to work technology into a given class, although some textbooks may have some suggestions, there are no definitive “right ways,” although there are certainly some guaranteed “wrong ones,” and there have yet to emerge iconicographic practicitioners in the field. All of these are things that will come when teaching with technology has been codified into a concise educational formula.

For the time being, teaching with technology can still be seen as something of a subversive activity, where the discursive space has yet to be set in stone, and there is still plenty of room for dissenting voices and radical ideas. It can be seen as something of an outlaw period within the history and theory of education, before it has been subject to the disciplining of formal educational theory, before it has become formally incorporated into the infrastructure that is education in America. For some it is the best of times, for others it is the worst of times, however, it cannot be denied that it is an uncertain and exciting time for educators, from grade school all the way up to the Academy.

It is through this lens that I will be posting from over the next couple of posts. One item to note as we proceed, I am interested in having this develop into a dynamic dialogue, as opposed to a rigid monologue. I welcome any thoughts, comments, or criticism that readers may have.

What should the current landscape of education look like?

More posts to follow soon. Check back soon!